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Pastoral Planning Report


St. Boniface Pastoral Planning

As a response to the continual changes that are occurring within the global Catholic Church, the Diocese of Erie, and our own Catholic community of St. Boniface Parish, the pastoral leadership has decided to develop a course of advanced planning for our parish into the near future.  This planning will focus on the needs of our own immediate community, our surrounding community within the bounds of our parish (Greene, Greenfield and Venango Townships), and the greater Diocese of Erie. 

This entire process is driven by our relationship to Jesus Christ and to the Holy Spirit in communion with the greater Church.  It is from that relationship that we actively engage in our mission as determined by the leadership of our parish and by the needs of our people and community. 

The first step in this planning process is to establish a core group of parishioners forming the Pastoral Planning Community.  This Community will be the "eyes and ears of our parish and will be seeking input from all of the St. Boniface community as to the needs and concerns that we will be facing now and into the next two to three years.  We will begin this process in June 2016 and continue until August 2016.  The information and data gathered will then be sorted and presented to the leadership of our parish by September 2016 including the Pastoral Council, Finance Council and all the leaders of our current pastoral ministries.  It is this leadership that will decide the final priorities and take appropriate steps to develop action plans to respond to the prioritized needs. 

The Pastoral Planning Community is comprised of members of our parish and include:

Deacon Timothy Good
Mr. Michael Allgeier, Sr.
Mrs. Leslie O'Connell
Mr. Richard Bayle
Mrs. Natalie Quigley
Mr. Eion Russell
Mrs. Cari Russell

This Community is seeking input from all of St. Boniface parishioners in regards to the future needs of our parish.  You may contact them through the following links below or talk to them when present on the weekend Mass celebrations.  We welcome your input.  For any other questions, please contact Fr. Marc or Deacon Tim who can answer them for you or email the committee at: