Our Community

Our Mission

Christ Jesus, you call us together as a parish to sow and nurture the seeds of God’s saving love in the hearts and minds of all our neighbors and beyond by living your Gospel.


Our Vision

Christ Jesus, bless us as you blessed our patron, St. Boniface, so that, by carrying out the mission entrusted to us, our parish will yield a bountiful harvest of passionate disciples, united to you by the sacraments and sent by you to further your mission.


Our Values 

Christ Jesus, enable us to reap this bountiful harvest by staying rooted in the “good soil” of the basic principles in which we as a parish believe:

  • We are a parish who prays, studies, and acts in accord with the Scriptures and the traditions of the Catholic Church and the Diocese of Erie;
  • We are a parish who stand firmly on the foundation of our past;
  • We are a parish who understands and responds to the changing needs of all families today;
  • We are a parish who welcomes and enjoys fellowship with all people;
  • We are a parish who lives within our means and exercises responsible stewardship of the resources entrusted to us;
  • We are a parish who works together as God’s family for the good of all, putting our common mission above all else.

This we pray, in your name. Amen.

St. Boniface, pray for us.