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March 25, 2021 COVID-19 Update


March 25, 2021

Dear fellow St. Boniface parishioners,

Hello and Blessed Lent to you all! I hope that your Lenten journey has been a fruitful one, growing in grace and in your relationship with God through works of prayer, fasting, and charity. We now approach Holy Week, the most sacred time of year, and I thought it would be helpful to send you another update to help you enter more deeply into the experience together.

Our Covid-19 restrictions remain in place, meaning only half-seating, social distancing, required mask wearing, etc., but it has been great seeing more and more familiar faces returning to Mass in person. Of course we also continue to livestream and record Masses for those who are still only able to join us remotely, as we will do for the Holy Week services. Please follow the links below for our schedule of services and the broadcast site. I have also included links below to other helpful resources for your Holy Week journey, even if that journey is made only within your house.


St. Boniface Holy Week schedule



St. Boniface Mass broadcast & recordings



Holy Week at Home - This diocesan resource provides a personal online retreat with spiritual reflections during Holy Week.



CatholicTV’s online Stations of the Cross



A longer video version of the Way of the Cross from Catholic Online, but filmed in Jerusalem following the actual footsteps of Jesus with a dramatic reenactment



Sight & Sound Theatres’ production of “Jesus”. This theater company is renowned for world-class productions of Christian stories. They are offering a live broadcast of their stage production of the story of Jesus on Good Friday at 7:00 PM. I have never seen one of theirproductions, but I am told they are very well done. This is a pay-per-view event. 



Finally, this last resource is not connected to Holy Week but to our new ministry of connecting people in need with the financial resources that can help them. Attached to this email is a notice about an Erie County program that offers assistance to people who rent. If you are in need of assistance paying your rent, or if you know someone who is, please take a look. Whether in person or remotely, let us enter together as a parish and a Church into the spirit of Holy Week, and may the saving grace of Jesus’s death and resurrection raise us all to new life.

Peace in Christ,

Fr. Marc


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