Behind the Fence

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January 12, 2010 In the past few weeks the staff of workers has been reduced to only three men. They are working on the office wing and some details of the church that need to be completed. The organ still needs to be installed, and some minor painting and trim work still is pending. The confessional is in progress, but not complete. Crystal's office is almost complete, the conference room still needs carpet, and doors, the other two offices still need skylights, doors, and trim work. More pictures to come. Click Here

December 24, 2009 Although the church is not complete, it is functional. The sound system will be installed permnantly in the coming week or so, and the finishing details will be added. The office wing will be the focus for a few weeks. The lift has a glitch, it will be worked out, as of now, if you ride up, and there is someone at the bottom waiting for the lift, you can't make the lift return from downstairs, you have to ride it down. It will be fixed soon. If you were not able to make it to mass this week or weekend, enjoy the pictures and stop by soon. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! What a gift St. Boniface has received in 2009, hats off to John Lutz (Potomac construction Site Manager) and all of his crew especially Mike for all his wood work!!!! Click Here

December 17, 2009

Today the workers from new Holland pews installed our pews. Painters painted a wall, doors were stained, and other finishing touches are taking place. More details to come, enjoy the pictures. (the mothers chapel window went in today) Click Here

December 16, 2009
Today was a busy day at St. Boniface!!!
Pews were delivered and installation was started, the Altar made the journey back in to the church, and the stained glass windows are in, and don't forget the Stations, they were hung on the walls, but will be removed, the walls will be painted and then they will return.
Many other details were being worked on, and will continue.
More pictures will be coming soon. Things are moving.
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December 13, 2009
WE HAVE 4 WINDOWS IN PLACE!!!! the restored stained glass windows along the office wing have been installed Saturday (12-12-09) Friday afternoon the workers stained the hard wood floor in the altar area and the step down to the church floor.
The lift doors have been installed and is operational.
The cabinets are being installed in the sacristy.
Most of the fire alarm strobe lights are installed, along with the pull boxes.
More pictures will be coming
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December 9, 2009

So far the windows are not in just yet. The altar floor is complete, the flooring for under the pews was installed this week, the wheelchair lift is installed and operational. Windows should be in starting Friday 12-11-09. Pews start going in on Wednesday 12-16-09, the altar will start coming back in on Monday 12-14-09. This is what is being said, schedule changes may take place, not sure. Click Here

December 6, 2009

This week the Dry wall men finished their work on the church and gathering space, the office wing still needs some drywall. Painters have been doing a great job saving the medallions on the ceiling of the church, although we lost the stensiling in the church all but the altar area, but it looks good. The lighting is installed in most places with in the church, still not in the gathering space or entrance or offices.

Hard wood flooring started to go down on the altar Friday, but still has some way to go, it is a slow start but once the workers make it over the steps it will go fast. The new lift for the wheelchairs, and or walkers has been installed, but had to be removed because it needed to be adjusted, so they took it out to make the adjustment, so the door is installed for the lift.

In the reconciliation room, the workers started to tear in to the wall to open up the stained glass window that is on the church side, so you can see it from the reconciliation side. The new fire door for the confessional has been installed, along with the new fire door to the faculty room has been installed as well.

Outside the landscaping has been completed with the exception of the grass, that will be planted in the spring. The new front entrance looks great, the stucco has been in place and the lighting is working. The new front doors have been engraved with the crosses we are all used to from the old doors. It looks like they are the old doors from the church but they are new doors with new crosses, just matching the old. Frames for the church windows have been installed FINALLY this past Friday 12-4-09. Tirpak will be here Monday to install the stained glass with the protective shield as well.

The new sign has been installed outside, Father is aware that the time and temp., are not correct, so Father had the contractor turn the sign off until there is a computer hooked up to program the correct information.

That is all for now, there will be a ton more to come within the next few days and weeks. Check back for new pictures by mid week hopefully.  Click Here

October 6, 2009

As we watch the many workers scrambling over the St. Boniface construction this week, it is a good time to pause and thank everyone who has made this work possible. This week, you have seen brickwork being done and perhaps heard that the floors have been poured. Demolition is now complete and the interior work will be continuing at a rapid pace in the next few weeks. None of this would have been possible had it not been for the tradition of community that is the heart of St. Boniface. As always, we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us and those folks would burst with pride to see how well today's parishioners have continued the tradition of St. Boniface generosity and commitment. We met and exceeded the pledge drive goal and here in the first 16 months of contributions have donated well over half of the pledged amount. That is amazing! As you may have noticed in the annual financial report, the budget included expectations of some default on pledges. But that has not happened— pledges are being paid and, in many cases, paid in advance. As you watch each brick and window being placed, know that you made it possible—this is truly the parish family's church. Click Here

September 14, 2009

If you are the kind of person who loved watching heavy machinery at work when you were a child, you probably have enjoyed the past couple of weeks of the church renovation! Between the skid-steer, forklift and a crane or two, our roof has risen! You can now see the shape of the top of the additions and how they will blend into the existing roof.

Take a look at the front of the church and you will see the beautiful stonework created with the help of a parishioner that reflects the stones placed by parishioners of over a hundred years ago.

What you can't see is the work being done inside which includes the framing and subflooring for the altar area, the framing of the mothers' chapel at the rear of the sanctuary, extensive electrical work and the preparation of the side walls for their removal. The stations have been refinished offsite and are ready to be installed when the interior walls are complete. We will have the opportunity to sponsor an individual station for a price of $150.

Watch for the completion of the roof beams very soon and the subsequent roofing. Once that is done, we won't see as much from the outside for a while, but the inside will be a beehive of activity as the floors are poured for the additions and gathering space and the side walls are moved out.

Check the website for photos of the work so far and come back to this column in a few weeks for news of the installation schedule being developed for the interior elements (pews, organ, windows, etc.) With everyone's prayerful support, we are getting it done! Click Here


August 2, 2009

In Biblical times, walls were built to keep foreigners out.  But, those walls you see rising up at St. Boniface are meant for the opposite purpose--to invite people in.  The large front wall now visible in concrete block marks the wall of our new gathering space.  To the left, you can see a frame for double doors.  We will enter the building there and go up the interior steps to the gathering space and opening to our refurbished sanctuary.  If we build it, they will come! Click Here

July 18, 2009
Thank you readers for patiently waiting for another update from “behind the fence.”  If you have glanced over at the fence in recent weeks, you have seen a number of  earth movers and cement mixers working on something or other.  Look closely and you can see the results of their work are the concrete pads that will serve as the floors of the crawl spaces under the church extension on both sides.  The short concrete posts you see will anchor the steel beams that will support the church floor.  In addition to those “ground level” structures, you can now see the beginnings of walls for the new gathering space, church lobby and office area.  So, the new “footprint” of the church is now fully outlined.
What you can't see is the remodeling going on inside  In  the faculty room, a new reconciliation room is being created as well as an enlarged and renovated faculty rest room. The reconciliation room work should be complete this week.  In the sanctuary itself, preparations have been made to stabilize the interior in anticipation of removing the side walls.  That will happen as soon as the steel arrives for the two extension wings.  The steel shipment has been a little delayed, but the construction crew was able to move up other elements of the project, enabling them to be still on schedule overall.  That means we are still expecting a grand reopening as our parish Christmas gift this year! Thank you for your continuing prayerful and generous support. Click Here

April 28, 2009
The church renovation project is off to a great start.  During the first week, the pews were all sold to parishioners—each winner is now trying to find a good place in their homes for a 13-ft. long piece of history!  With that done, the builders were able to make quick work of stripping down the interior of the church and the two sacristies.  They discovered several interesting things---anyone know why there was a 2ft high door in the wall behind the altar servers’ closet?

This week, the windows have been removed and are ready to be repaired and restored.  As we all noticed the large, aging trees in front were carefully taken down by Jack Dibble and his crew, clearing the way for the equipment needed to begin the major exterior renovation work.

Watch this column for continuing updates from behind the fence. Click Here